How to String Lights On an Outdoor Tree

Christmas lights are a staple of the holiday season. When you drive around your neighborhood or city, you’ll see extravagant light displays everywhere. Some places will have lights that are hung at seemingly impossible heights, such as on roofs or tall trees. Getting lights up on the roof may not be easy, but it’s typically a lot easier to access a roof through a window or ladder than it is to climb a tall tree. So how exactly do some people manage to string lights on their outdoor trees? There are multiple answers, each with their own pros and cons.If you are active on social media platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, you are probably familiar with the plethora of “How To” videos that exist on these respective platforms. It is easy to learn how to do anything nowadays with the growth of social media and internet presence, and finding instructions on how to string lights on an outdoor tree is no exception. A quick Google search of “How to string lights on an outdoor tree” will result in a variety of different blogs, videos, and products that make the process as easy as possible. Some involve ladders, others involve nifty tools, while other results simply direct you to a professional who will decorate your trees for you. All of these methods get the job done. 

When choosing how you are going to string lights on an outdoor tree, the first option you must weigh is what type of display you would like. There are several designs to choose from: lights wrapping around the base of the tree, light balls hanging from branches, cascading lights that hang from branches, and many more. Each design will light up the long winter nights and provide a warm, cheerful glow for your yard. 

If you want to wrap lights around the base and branches of an outdoor tree, check out Canadien Tire’s quick video, “How to Wrap an Outdoor Tree in Christmas Lights.” The simple 5 step process will surely make decorating easy and fun. However, you cannot wrap very tall trees using this method. If you’d prefer light balls hanging from your tree branches, Basia Today provides an extremely helpful video that allows you to hang light balls from relatively high branches. Though, yet again, the height is still limited by how high you can throw a ball. You can find many other methods for hanging lights that are all very practical but significantly limited in height.

An easy, affordable solution on how to string lights on an outdoor tree that is very tall is Elf Logic’s new ShotLights kit. This particular kit involves a slingshot and fishing line that will allow anyone to hang 60 foot LED string lights on some of the tallest branches. The visual effect? A magnificent display of lights that cascade down towards the ground and will leave onlookers amazed at how they were hung. Listed at $79.95 on, the ShotLights kit, which includes enough materials to hang three separate string lights, has many different perks. The slingshot allows customers to hang their string lights much higher than if they used a long pole or alternative method. It is also less expensive than hiring professionals to do the job for you, with their prices ranging from $202 to $608, according to Home Advisor. The step-by-step process is clearly explained through detailed instructions and an additional instructional video on how to string lights on an Outdoor Tree. It’s easy - just shoot, pull, and light!! 

So which option should you choose? It really depends on what you’re looking for. If you’d like a beautiful display like the one pictured above, ShotLights is an easy and cost-effective solution.