5 Must-Try Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas for 2019

A beautifully adorned Christmas tree will tie all of your decorations together and be the focal point of your decor. The first rule of thumb is to always pick out the best tree for your space. Then bring out the colorful ribbons, ornaments, and lights and let the decorating fun begin! From Southern Living to Real Simple, we’ve researched and found 5 must-try Christmas tree decorating ideas for 2019! These inspiring tree decorating ideas will refresh your holiday look and keep you on-trend with holiday decorations for 2019. 

#1 - A White Christmas Tree 

According to the Design Book, a blog dedicated to forecasting home decorating trends, white Christmas trees are a trend that is here to stay. White Christmas trees bring a wintry charm and splendor to a classic holiday ensemble. We recommend decorating with white lights and white ornaments, or soft pastels like baby pink. Don’t want your holiday decorating to be centered around a white tree? We think this is also perfect when applied as a mini tree table topper or an accent in a kid’s room! Because this is one holiday decorating trend that keeps making a comeback, it made the top of our list for 10 must-try Christmas tree decorating ideas for 2019. 

White trees are making a comeback for 2019.

#2 - Art Deco Ornaments 

Popular designer HQ designs forecasts that as an outlook for Christmas 2019, the furnishing trend “Art Deco” will be reflected in seasonal decorations. Strong royal to dark blue, emerald or dark green, as well as classic dark red or Bordeaux-colored accents,  will be popular. Velvety opulence, quality materials, and lush gold are, in a nutshell, the keywords for Art Deco and Christmas 2019. As far as its application, we are already seeing Art Deco themes in ornaments & accent pieces.

#3 - 360-Degree Christmas Tree

If you’re looking to switch up your holiday decor, a great place to start is with your Christmas tree. Take a decorative leap of faith and opt for extravagance with a statement-making tree that will bring that “wow” factor to your holiday parties. This rotating Christmas tree stand will turn a full 360-degrees, showing off every inch of sparkle on your tree. We recommend choosing a Christmas tree stand that is able to adjust to the girth of your tree and that is heavy enough that your tree won’t fall halfway through the holidays! 

Warning: Rotating Christmas trees are known to cause trance-like effects among guests. 

#4 - Tabletop Tinsel Tree 

If you're not afraid of a little sparkle, go for a fun tabletop tinsel tree! (Try saying that three times fast!). Southern Living recommends using silver or gold artificial trees with wide, spaced-out branches to showcase your favorite tinsel! If you do decide to choose a smaller tree, we recommend spacing your ornaments far enough apart so as not to overcrowd your tree! 

Add flair with a tabletop tinsel tree (picture via Southern Living). 

#5 - Go Classic with a Moravian Star Tree Topper 

The pinnacle of your Christmas Tree should always be a star that sits at the crux of your tree! Choose a classic holiday decoration with a Moravian Star Tree Topper. The history and symbolism behind Moravian Stars make this Christmas tree accent a must-try option. This classic holiday decoration is thought to have originated circa 1897 in a small town in Germany. The Moravian Star is used to symbolize light and hope in times of darkness. In fact, the points on the Moravian Star are meant to symbolize light being sent to all corners of the world, uniting us together!