Wreath Hooks (2) Pack


Powerful magnetic wreath hooks hold up to 5 lbs of weight! Perfect for hanging holiday wreaths, and other festive decorations. Our hooks hold tight without leaving any marks or scratching your surfaces. 


Hang your holiday decorations proudly with our 2-pack magnetic wreath hooks. Our wreath hooks are made with elegant, scratch-resistant silver and can support up to 5 lbs on steel surfaces. Want to hang your wreath on glass doors or windows? No problem!  Simply place one wreath hook on each side of the glass, and you're good to go! 


  • 2 Strong Magnetic Hooks 
  • Metal Surfaces: Holds up to 5 lbs 
  • Hook Dimensions: 1/2" 
  • Diameter of wreath hook: 2.5"
NOTE: On glass hooks will not hold more than 2 lbs because heavy item will slide on glass! You'll need two hooks to hang one wreath on glass surfaces. 


    In 1966, Grandpa Bunca cleverly crafted a homemade rotating Christmas Tree stand for his delighted family; even after many holiday seasons, it remains in the family, a special part of their Christmas tradition. Now, we want it to be a special part of yours. With a few modernized upgrades, Grandpa Bunca’s inspiration lives on.

    Our Belief

    Elf Logic has the same belief as Grandpa Bunca had in 1966: Christmas decorations should add joy and happiness to the season without any additional stress. All of our products possess elements that convey that exact belief. From a modernized version of Grandpa Bunca's rotating Christmas Tree stand to a beatiful, foldable Moravian Star,  we are here to make your Christmas clever and fun, like only an elf could.

    Grandpa Bunca

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    Highly Recommend

    Super powerful - comes with a foam backing to not mark the door (thankfully I read a prior review NOT to remove the foam). I have one outside the door for hanging a wreath and inside I have a couple set up for the kids to hang their backpacks. Stays up unless their backpacks are WAY over filled. Super happy with this product, highly recommend them and will likely buy more soon. Just make sure your door is actually metal. If it is, these work like a dream (and I no longer have to worry about the over the door wreath hanger scratching my door paint OR hindering the door closing all the way.


    Very strong, works really well

    I needed something to hold by my wreath on my glass screen door. I went through several suction cup holders and even tried using wire to hold it up. None of them lasted well. When I saw these for sale I figured I could attach them to the glass door using them both. If you look at the pictures you can see both of magnet sides are facing each other. Works really well. We’ve had some very powerful storms recently and it has stayed up through them all. Very happy with purchase.

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