Automated Christmas Tree Waterer

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Keep your tree fresh & festive this holiday season! Avoid the constant shedding of needles with our Elf Logic Christmas Tree Waterer that will make sure that your pines stay fresh! A built-in water sensor will deploy water when the water levels drop below your preferred height. Our tree waterer is simple and requires no drilling. Enjoy an unobscured Christmas tree with a hidden design, free of bulky containers, or unsightly funnels. Watering made simple! 



    • 3 Liter Water Reservoir Bag 
    • Watering Funnel 
    • 1.5" Water Sensor 
    • Metal Hook  

    Watch the tree waterer instruction manual here for further details.

    Our Belief

    Christmas decorations should add joy and happiness to the season without any additional stress. All of our products possess elements that convey that exact belief. From a modernized version of Grandpa Bunca's rotating Christmas Tree stand to a beautiful, foldable Moravian Star,  we are here to make your Christmas clever and fun, like only an elf could. 

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    We ship all products with love right from our factory in Durham, North Carolina. Questions or comments? Reach out to us directly by email at 

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    Best holiday purchase

    Well, best purchase short of the Krinner tree stand anyway. Such a simple concept and works so well. Inevitably our tree dies somewhere 2 weeks into the process because climbing under a wide branch spread with needles and ornaments getting knocked down you back, and presents getting squashed on accident is a pain in the butt. Or you forget a day, and next thing you know the bottom’s sealed. It’s a simple set up- a glorified IV bag with a hook to hang from branches, tubing to go down to the stand, and a one way valve/sensor to know when to release water. I wasn’t super trusting of the sensor, so I tested it out with the stand empty first. Didn’t want a huge puddle on the floor or ruined presents later! It worked perfectly. It also comes with a metal disc with adhesive on one side. The sensor is magnetized, and if you don’t have a metal stand, you’re supposed to stick it to the bottom of the stand to hold down the valve. This is pretty useless- the disc is 1.5cm large, and unless you have a very broad stand, you’re likely to find it’s covered by the trunk itself. The valve looked like it would stand in place by gravity alone but just to be sure I taped it down at the trunk to keep it secure. Lastly, the valve is roughly golf ball sized. If you don’t have wiggle room at the base between the sand well and your tree, it’s not for you. But if it is it’s great!

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